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  1. Apr 30 (2 posts)

    1. The new antisocial network

      We all know about the big social network sites showing up today,...

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    2. Es Ketchup

      Google liberó una version gratis de el modelador 3D SketchUp. Lástima...

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  2. Apr 25 (1 posts)

    1. El perreo chacalonero

      En los blogs de Dieguito y StereoSkit, me topé con el video de youtube...

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  3. Apr 23 (3 posts)

    1. Windows is not good for your safety

      Via KDE Developers, I find this interesting picture showing how Iberia...

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    2. Felicitaciones Rudy

      Aprovecho para felicitar a mi amigo Rudy Godoy que a partir de hoy es...

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    3. Gentoo/Inkscape/Gcc/...... bleh

      So I emerged Inkscape 0.43 after working perfectly fine for a while...

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  4. Apr 19 (1 posts)

    1. More robot fun

      Its amazing what robots can do now Watch the related videos too, they...

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  5. Apr 16 (3 posts)

    1. Internet Explorer Javascript Exploit

      This is the createTextRange() exploit It affects patched versions of...

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    2. Firefox HTML exploit

      The following code makes Firefox <= to crash ...

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    3. Human clock

      Human Clock es una interesante página. Consiste en una imagen que se...

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  6. Apr 14 (1 posts)

    1. Open Discussion Day!

      El 19 de Mayo será el "Open Discussion Day": Adios IM antiguo. Con la...

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  7. Apr 13 (3 posts)

    1. The price of getting your assignments done?!

      Everybody knows geeks make better lovers Although This Microsoft ad...

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    2. Google Calendar!

      Google Calendar is out! Google's Calendar comes with a simple user...

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    3. I need a vacation

      And I need to go to Victoria Falls in Africa. It even has a bungee...

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  8. Apr 12 (1 posts)

    1. Firefox bug makes couple break up

      So this guy is engaged to some girl, and he goes to dating web pages....

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  9. Apr 11 (1 posts)

    1. Basketball blooper


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  10. Apr 10 (3 posts)

    1. Chuck Norris reading Chuck Norris' facts!

      For those who just can't have enough Chuck Norris' Facts, here are 100...

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    2. Celebrando la fiesta electoral

      Ayer fuí a gozar de mi derecho de sufragio, equivocadamente hice cola...

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    3. Todos queremos ser como Chuck Norris

      Chuck Norris perdió su virginidad antes que su padre. Chuck norris no...

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  11. Apr 09 (2 posts)

    1. They came to conquer Uranus

      Do people actually do that on purpose to their farms? Those are pretty...

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    2. Onpe slashdotted

      Intento entrar a la página de la ONPE para ver en que mesa me toca ir...

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  12. Apr 08 (1 posts)

    1. Virus multiplataforma?

      Leo en las noticias que la compañía Kaspersky ha desarrollado una...

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  13. Apr 07 (1 posts)

    1. IE recent phishing vulnerability

      Today I read about the recent phishing vulnerability in Internet...

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  14. Apr 06 (1 posts)

    1. Dependencia de las manos en los baños

      Por que aún tenemos que depender tanto de las manos en los baños?...

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  15. Apr 05 (2 posts)

    1. What is Tomcat's wiki made of?

      Answer: It's made of Python I guess the Tomcat guys didn't want to...

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    2. What is "cum"


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  16. Apr 03 (1 posts)

    1. New features on laptops

      Since Lenovo is making the new Thinkpads, there have been some...

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  17. Apr 02 (2 posts)

    1. Gmail's growth rate

      It was last April's Fools when Gmail announced 2GB of storage, and from...

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    2. Back online

      For some reason all my DNS settings were resetted after I renewed...

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