1. Why do I get angry when kids refer to their Instagram accounts as "Page" or even worse, "Blog". Instagram is such a confined #SILO and web unfriendly that it offends both of those terms. #indieweb

  2. Sometimes I see articles being promoted for tips or tricks that I already knew and I always think, I could have written that and enjoy that bit of fame... but I never write because I feel that if I know it then it means everyone knows it, it's not news …

  3. I'm on this nice #coffeeshop that was recommended by some friends. I'm in the corner with my laptop, but it's weird that everyone that comes in knows everybody else that is here (except me ofc). Makes me feel out of the loop :-/

  4. I'll keep backpack under me feet in front of me because I know people will need overhead room.

  5. I've been sleeping on too many different beds these last 10 days. Now my back hurts and I don't know which one caused it.

  6. I wonder on how many pictures I'm on the background with Mt "I don't know what's going on" face.

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