1. En el futuro los jóvenes van a escuchar el nuevo disco de su banda favorita sin saber por qué se llama "disco"

  2. When I'm out clubbing I want to go play with my toys. When I'm with my toys I want to be out clubbing. What gives 🤷🏽‍♂️

  3. You know what I hate? When I see someone next to me taking a selfie and I see myself in the background of their pic looking at the camera.

  4. Favorites facts of the universe:

    • How the Taylor series of cos(π) + i*sin(π) explains Euler's identity
    • That "Capslock" is an anagram of "Cockslap"
  5. When I read technologies on people's bios online I naively assume they have 110% skill on them. I don't even dare to say "python" on mine.

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