1. Today's score. And I had a 20% coupon! #transformers #toys #decepticon #hasbro #toyphotography #toycollector #autobot #toy #toyhunter

  2. Caught mid transformation #transformers #toys #autobot #hasbro #toyphotography #toycollector #tlk #optimusprime #toy

  3. Another of the good #ceviche of the city #Lima #peru #streetfood #food #foodie #market

  4. At the concert:

    • Band: good evening!
    • Us: woooooo
    • Band: how are you?
    • Us: woooooo
    • Band: we'll play some Nirvana tonight
    • Us: woooooo
    • Band: plays song
    • Us: woooooo
  5. I appreciate the news I get on my phone via Google. But I don't like that it knows what I click.

  6. Noche de película en Superba

    Mi papá me llevó algunas veces a este restaurante en la Av. Petit Thouars a pocos pasos de Javier Prado.

    Superba data de fines de los años 30 y tradicionalmente ha sido una cantina/restaurant famoso por el clásico Bistec apanado con Tacu Tacu.

    Con el paso del tiempo, están …

  7. Ahh I cannot make up my mind, which keyboard I prefer typing on. My Daskeyboard w/Cherry blue or My X1 Thinkpad keyboad :-/...

  8. The math behind coordinating the frames and beats for the song "The one moment" by the geniuses if OK Go.

    How seemingly simple math used correctly and cleverly gets you to create such incredible effects.

  9. All these sleepless nights

    La semana pasada fuí a ver "All these sleepless nights" al cine. En español "Todas estas noches".

    Es una película "de festival", ya que definitivamente no es para público masivo, y hay que estar dispuesto a sentarse las 2 horas viendo como la vida del progagonista Krzysztof no va a …

  10. I made Grumble open source

    It was always my idea, but I wanted to wait to have something a bit usable. I have been using this Micropub composer reliably for a couple of months and seems to be working fine.

    It is not a fully compliant client though as it doesn't do HTTP headers link …

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