1. For every online service that you use, you can assume now that your input will be fed to an #AI training model one way or another. Like when this goes on Twitter. It may need to start becoming a selling factor in big letter. "We don't train with your data …

  2. Glaring design fault on air pods is that to talk on them you need to speak out loud as if the person was 5ft away. How obnoxious and loud to have 2 people on the train talking on the phone on their #apple airpods.

  3. Updated TOS at @Google. Fair enough, they won't claim ownership, but they should indicate their sources.

    We still need to be obnoxious to people when they say "AI made it" rather say "AI stole content and provided without attribution.

  4. I accidentally deleted all my browser cookies yesterday. And turns out it wasn't half as bad as I thought.

    Do have to clear sessions in a few places though.

  5. I read that the idea of https://indieweb.org is to post on your personal site first then broadcast to everywhere else… but I want the reverse: post in communities where it makes sense (hobbies/circles) then aggregate everything on my site.


    https://social.ayco.io/@ayo/112232090356780124 On Ayco Social

    @ayo@ayco.io this can be achieved with PESOS, but the idea is wrong. One ends up doing PESOS because the target SILO doesn't have an api to do POSSE. But POSSE should always be the initial attempt. Because the goal is that you own your content canonical url. And …

  6. I wonder if the removal of headphone jack from phones is making a range of people unable to afford Bluetooth headphones and are forced to listen out loud in public.

  7. How much medium and big size software is out there still running on old/outdated/deprecated versions of libraries, languages, services because it's too difficult to upgrade?

    Things are moving too fast to keep parallel tracks of moving forward and updating dependencies.

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