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    How can we have decentralized social media if only three companies control the cloud?

    #fediverse #mastodon #activitypub #smallweb #indieweb

    https://mastodon.social/@fromjason/111967550060942163 On Mastodon

    @fromjason@mastodon.social the "computing cloud" as in infrastructure. Yes. But social media is an application running on top of it. So the problem can be split. With fediverse is an step towards decentralized application layer. The computing network can be addressed separately. Albeit a very difficult one.

  2. Ten years later... Professor Tony Padilla returns to the thorny issue of summing the integers arriving at -1/12. More links & stuff in full description below...

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=beakj767uG4 On YouTube

    Wow! This video is groundbreaking!!! It had me saying HOLYSHEET out loud so many times!!

    It looks like the infinite -1/12 sum has been cracked, and the physics implications in QTF seem so exciting! #math #infinity #physics

  3. I feel an important step in AI "intelligenceness" will be when it is able to say "I don't know".

    Otherwise, it's as good as your knowsitall friend that will bullshit its way through a topic they don't understand.

  4. For your Google devices, do check https://myactivity.google.com/myactivity and disable what you can. It's kinda creepy that Google tracks everytime you turn on your TV.

  5. Snapchat does not even want to work properly on Firefox and it's storing 26mb of junk.

    Also, look at all those other websites taking your hard drive for little reason.

  6. The #oauth chain. I try to log in to a website, which takes me to the Microsoft login page, which then takes me to the Google login page to then redirect me the same jumps back to the original site I wanted to login.

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