1. Todas esas falsas curas del covid19 que esta dando Chibolin en su programa, no es un crimen? Esa desinformación va a causar muertes

  2. 3 years ago, I was pubcrawling in #athens. That was a fun night. That's not me in the picture, that was a guy from China. Later that night he, the mathematician from China joined me, the software engineer from Perú and two other guys, the actuary from India and the …

  3. I hadn't had to deal with audio files in decades, but thankfully remembering some courses from university helped me to understand the filters I needed to apply!

  4. Ugh, again... going back to some code from some months ago and trying to remember how it all worked.

  5. Zoom takes its users’ privacy extremely seriously. We would like to share a change that we have made regarding the use of Facebook’s SDK.  

    Zoom’s Use of Facebook’s SDK in iOS Client - Zoom Blog On Zoom Blog

    This is yet another instance in which the developers of Zoom have shown incompetence in their product making very poor architecture choices, but nobody seems to care that the product has a weak team behind.

  6. Viajes antes y después de Covid19 ->

    No recuerdo como era viajar antes de 911, pero si he tenido experiencia viajando después del evento, va algo así:

    Antes de Covid19

    1. Verificación de Pasaporte y documentos
    2. Chequeo de seguridad, no traigas armas, bombas, cuchillos, etc. en el avión.
    3. Revisión migratoria en el país de origen, verificar por pasaporte …
  7. Travel before/after Covid19 ->

    I don't remember how travel was before 911, but I've had my fair share of airports and International travel after the event.

    It goes like this:

    Before Covid19

    1. Passport/documents check
    2. Security check, don't bring guns/bombs/knives
    3. Migration check leaving country, check that you have a valid Passport and …
  8. Aislamiento a nivel planetario

    En Perú han cerrado fronteras y declarando estado de emergencia por 15 días con norma de aislamiento domiciliario a toda la población.

    Cuando escuché que fueron 15 días me puse a pensar que en ese periodo no se va a poder levantar las medidas que se han tomado, y que …

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