1. I'm surprised why don't you all cringe to the thought of using TikTok? There's so much good content, that remains inaccessible because forces me to install their app and succumb to their Privacy terms.

  2. Los siguientes escándalos que nos esperan:

    • Un #Vacunagate por cada region en la 2da fase.
    • Gente que va por su 2da dosis y no la encuentran o figura ya vacunado sin habérsela puesto.
    • De los miles de millones de vacunas a fabricar, que alguno de los fabricantes mencione que debe …
  3. i'm working on some advice for how to pick a domain registrar and I'm interested in what can go wrong with a bad re… https://t.co/Ht6E40cqen

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    Looking forward for this. I always found that "owning" a domain was the weak link of Internet presence that you can never truly own. For such a crucial piece, you always had to be on a lease contract with another company, and trust on them a_lot .

  4. Turns out it's easier to do robots that harm us than good robots. And the problem is we're in a hurry to make robots as soon as we can. We're bound to have a bunch of harmful robots sooner.

  5. What's happening with Google Play Music is really bothering me. Sure I've transferred to the inferior product, YTMusic. But, look how they have the control to DELETE MY PURCHASES.

    Please let's stop using the verb "Purchase" for digital licenses. It carries meaning that does not apply.

  6. I wish making purchases on websites, didn't require me accepting their shitty Privacy Policy where I have to accept their marketing.

    Sometimes, there aren't options and you have to use that store.

  7. I know it doesn't work like that, but I have this incorrect satisfaction feeling of sending an article to @Firefox Pocket and falsely believing I've already read it. Ahh if it only worked as easy as that (Meteorman much?)

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