1. Will we start seeing companies/apps boasting their simple and good privacy policy as a differentiating feature?

  2. So, faceapp is getting people to link their location, name, email and face for free in a huge database.

  3. @starbucksperu tu politica de privacidad indica que van a compartir mis datos con tanta gente, y tantos trackers ... yo sólo quería activar mi gift card :( http://www.starbucks.com.pe/about-us/company-information/online-policies/privacy-statement

  4. Who are these kids now a days thst are like "well, it's 8pm time to wrap this hackathon and go dine", back in my days hackathons ended at 11am 2 days later.

  5. This month last year was my first #TFcon in Toronto and this year I'm missing it 😢how I wish I was there!

  6. You were my first and best friend. I'm humbled and proud to be your son and I hope to touch as many lives as you did. We will reconstruct and move onwards, missing you forever. I am you. Goodbye dad. #fuckcancer

  7. I'm about to make a few Google searches for a disease (I don't have), I'm readying myself to start seeing ads for it.

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