1. bugs bugs bugs everyday bugs. Got a couple of blog bugs to fix tonight. Perfect procrastination as I chicken away from a server migration I've been kicking for months. #code

  2. I absolutely hate how #AWS is becoming more and more complex every week. It stops being reachable as a hobby and requires diving so deep and learn so much and synchronize so many gears to get stupid things working as if they were full blown systems.

  3. My elasticsearch drama

    I'm running an old #Django app that I could only upgrade to 1.10 because I needed to also upgrade Postgres>9.

    That required to find precise versions of libraries that were compatible to Django 1.10 at that point in time.

    New DB server gets shiny new Postgres, so …

  4. Space Force, temporada 1

    Bueno, luego de mucha anticipación terminé de ver Space Force en Netflix.

    La fórmula es excelente, Steve Carrel, John Malkovich, escritores de The Office, el espacio, la situación actual. Una formula de producción digna de un algoritmo que la inteligencia artificial podría conjurar.

    No puedo negar que si me arrancó …

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