1. Watching dad's favorite TV show and mom's favorite TV show. Can you tell which is which?

  2. I haven't been abroad in a while (couple of months gasp). But I still got plenty of travel pics to boast. This is #fira in #santorini. Beautiful sights. But it was just that. Just beautiful but nothing else. I should have gone to Crete instead. Maybe next time. #greece #travel …

  3. Good bunch of bug fixing on my sites tonight. Turns out they were mostly easy things that addressed tons of occurrences.

  4. I'm not a fan of those overly wide and flat cap visors. I like baseball caps like in the 90s with a mild fold ok the middle.

  5. En el norte del Perú, la gente experts en chifles diferencia entre chifle redondo y chifle largo. Por que por supuesto que son cosas distintas. Te antojas uno y no el otro.

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