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Gmail's growth rate

It was last April's Fools when Gmail announced 2GB of storage, and from that moment on we have all seen the counter on how your inbox capacity is expanding.

One year later it has grown ~710MB, which means it grew ~1991.89KB daily or ~83KB hourly or about 1416 bytes per minute.

The weir thing is taht at the moment I counted how many 1/1000000 of MB did it increase in a minute and I got 235 which is close to 246 bytes per minute. With that growth rate we would only have 123MB extra after a year. What am I missing?

  • Did the count start before?
  • Did it start with 2.5GB?
  • Has the counter slowed down?


#357" title="2006-04-07 18:26:32">hmmm: At current rate I get almost exactly 1MB growth every 3 days, which is only about 122Mb a year

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