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  1. Dec 24 (1 posts)

    1. "Photo limit reached." when uploading to Google photos

      This one just bit me without a clear answer. I was backing up thousands...

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  2. Oct 19 (1 posts)

    1. cd: Input/output error: using SSHFs

      My Linode had to reboot for some maintenance thing and after it I could...

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  3. Aug 24 (1 posts)

    1. Human alliance Jazz

      Amazing figure. I got it used for a good price. It claimed to be...

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  4. Aug 17 (1 posts)

    1. xvkbd and GTK3

      I've been using Fluxbox as my desktop window manager for well over a...

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  5. May 18 (1 posts)

    1. Configuring Samsung 4K U28D590 with Nvidia GTX650 on Ubuntu 14.10

      I'm writing this because I wish I had found some of these tips before...

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