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cd: Input/output error: using SSHFs

My Linode had to reboot for some maintenance thing and after it I could not boot it.

It would hang trying to mount a remote directory via SSHFS.

After booting in rescue mode I noticed a couple of things.

The internal IP address didn't start up. I needed to update my outdated /etc/network/interfaces not to use eth0:0 alias and add:

allow-hotplug eth0

This is all described on the static networking guide by Linode, but I had my outdated file working fine.

After that, and being able to reach the remote server I was able to mount the directory, but getting the following error trying to cd into it:

cd: Input/output error:

Turns out, that even though I had keys setup between both hosts, I still needed to add the following option to my fstab:

user@host:/remote/path/ /local/path/ fuse.sshfs **identityfile:/home/USER/.ssh/id_rsa** ....

The identityfile chunk was necessary.

After those two fixes, I was able to boot my server normally.

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