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Live comments on Google IO 2021

I like the acknowledgements at the beginning of the event.

Google docs

Now looking a lot like Notion! I have high expectations for its better ways of editing that the troubles I constantly run into with Notion's block editing and selection.

Live video while collaborating is great. I have done this in the past in separate apps. And looks like what was recently introduced in IntelliJ 2021. All for it.

Google assistant conversations

That LaMDA demos were astonishing. Sure! it follows like a fluid conversation all good and dandy. But the level of simulated empathy from a computer to a dwarf planet or a paper plane. Was that self learned?? Can Google's computer simulate how a homeless person, someone who lost a loved one, or a limb feels in order to simulate conversation? Is this AI empathy?

Quantum computers

Great to see a proper spot for quantum computing, definitely something that future programmers need to learn to program to provide new information.

Privacy improvements

  • Delete after 15m, all for it
  • Still delivers tons of trust in Google that they will delete your data after 18mos, good safe default, but your data is still there, and pinky swear not used for other things.
  • Privacy algorithms, great!
  • Phone authentication.... mmmffff not sure yet why I'm not in love with it. All for password managers at the moment. As much as Google is a powerful enterprise, I am learning to value company diversity here. Keep a non-google/platform agnostic password manager. I think that flow should be automated.. surely along the lines of what Google is doing, but too much of everything Google for me.
  • "Protected folder for new pet surprises", LMAO, ok we all know what these will be used for. Thank you google! I'll secretly keep pictures of my passwords there ;)

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