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My elasticsearch drama

I'm running an old #Django app that I could only upgrade to 1.10 because I needed to also upgrade Postgres>9.

That required to find precise versions of libraries that were compatible to Django 1.10 at that point in time.

New DB server gets shiny new Postgres, so I install elasticsearch on it. ES5.x.

Embarrassed to say what was my old ES version... but it was below 1. Of course, that was a problem that worked.

I use Django-haystack for faceted search on that site, and turns out that versions compatible with that Django version don't have a backend for ES2.x or higher. I had been stubbornly trying multiple 2.x versions, and turns out I had to downgrade to 1.7.6. So I finally get facets working again on my dev env.

If it was all so easy, on the server turned out I had Java 11 and ES1.x won't run with such advanced software, so also needed to downgrade to Java 8.

So now I have a snapshot of 2015 running, but at least I'm unblocked now to fully migrate to this set of versions and continue on my upgrade path one by one. #code #python #coderlife

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