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As much as I love my @mugsyjeans, this is the 2nd time that I buy the same size as before 32/30 and they fit too big, unlike my previous purchases that are perfect :( - Have to return.

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    Mugsy Jeans

    Hey! Sorry about that! You should try sizing down a size depending on how big they are! We'd be happy to help you pick your correct size out!🙂

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    Mugsy Jeans

    You probably have our older fits! They run differently than our current fit! Just size down in the future! You can always reach out for help too!

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    I was wondering about that! Then there has been a change in fit overall?? I didn't know! I had the same problem with the Belmonts some months ago. I noticed the jeans fabric on Beans was thinner than kinzies or s.blues.

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    I have the kinzies and studio blues in 32/30 (perfect fit). Got the Beans in the same size and fit wasn't the same. Sadly I'm leaving the country so can't wait for swapping another size :-\

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