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“So, a well-known guy tweeted the attached words and, like, I don't want to gripe about it or snark about it or even share his name because, like, I'm over thinking this is about individual people.”

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I agree with all this until you propose the solution to "be nice", it doesn't address the problem you state. Had he "been nice" he could have been doing a bad, and that's not good. Nice is great, but not the precise finger to cover this sun with.

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    Wait what? Asking permission is about consent culture. Hanks advice was to ask if you can help. The key word being ask.

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    But if you're asked to do something (harmless) that is forbidden? Should you do it? Even if you think it's OK, but the rules indicate not to. You and the requester would both be consentual about it. But still doing something forbidden.

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    I am having trouble imagining something that is harmless and also forbidden that also might be helpful. Can you provide an example?

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    On this example the guy believes reading somewhere that it was forbidden to handle other people's luggage, which could be the case. If he helps her he's breaking the rule.

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    In the example, he is confused by a story of a man getting luggage down without being asked to. This upset the lady who owned the luggage. Now the man doesn’t know the difference between meddling with other people’s property, and helping someone who asked for help.

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