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Yesterday I had my first #impossibleburger and I have to say they've done it 👐. They fooled me. I feel I could totally make the switch with this. The price just needs to settle down a bit and it's pretty much good to go! For those that aren't familiar. Impossible #burger are a pure plant only burger replacement. No cattle nor animals involved. And it's not a veggie burger. This is fully #meat like flavor and experience. I'm a big burger eater and the future has arrived (for those that can afford it). #food #foodie #vegetarian. Look in your local burger joints if they serve impossible burgers and give it a try.

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    This has no animal meat? Wow! 😲😲😲

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    burger king is supposed to be serving them, soon. I wanna try it just for the hell of it.

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    @equaloppdork it is quite good. Surprisingly so. It may not replace a top quality patty right now but it'll do perfectly for fast food replacement, if it wasn't bc its more expensive at the moment

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