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The day before my birthday my mother offered me to take me out for lunch with my family, so I picked to go to Rosa Nautica, a fancy restaurant on the sea in Lima where I had never gone before.

Everything was nice, the food was good (although, their ceviche wasn't great IMO), but that's not why I'm writing. It was the surprise my sister made me notice, which still has my jaw on the floor.

When the waiter gave us the menus, I noted that there were yellow and blue booklets, I saw that my sister and mom got yellow ones while my dad and I got blue ones, I didn't think much of it until my sister interrupted me to make me note that the contents on both menus were different!!

The yellow menus are "For women" and the blue ones "For men", the difference? Women's menus don't have prices!!!!

Women's menu

Men's menu! Note that other than text alignment, it has the prices column on the right!

Both, side y side.

I could not believe it! The waiter had to assume the gender (and naturally, who's paying) of each of us and designate who will be the rich providers with enough money to pay for the bill and separate the rest of people to just pick a plate since it's not in their responsibilities to discern prices. WOW!

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