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I always wanted hasbro to sell stand alone target masters. So I'm thrilled to finally have them. #transformers #toys #decepticon #hasbro #toyphotography #toycollector #toy #toyhunter #addons #reprolabels #toyhax #upgrades #robots #robot #decepticon

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    @equaloppdork I wish thy had color matched it better with trigger happy. And yeah the Takara ones are nicer looking.

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    @jjdelc just more and better paint apps in general would be nice. not color matching doesn't totally kill it for me. I wish I had the skills to do detail painting, though. There's so much sculpted detail that's lost in the blue.

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    yea. this guy doesn't quite as cool as the Takara ones but I like them, a lot, all the same. now we need more of the autobot Targetmasters.

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