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Good stuff. It's probably wrong to laugh today at all those jokes but it's a movie worth watching for nth time. #superbad #movie #movienight

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  1. equaloppdork

    "she wants to fuck. She wants my...

  2. jjdelc

    "she said that she thinks I'm a good guy?"

  3. jjdelc

    "you don't wanna pick up a girl in a...

  4. jjdelc

    "Nobody's gotten a hand job in cargo...

  5. jjdelc

    "not me man, I need my nuts, like...

  6. jjdelc

    "I'd give my middle nut to bone Becca"

  7. jjdelc
  8. jjdelc

    "he's the fastest kid alive"

  9. jjdelc
  10. equaloppdork

    @jjdelc i feel attacked by this one. Lol

  11. jjdelc

    @equaloppdork I wish I could prove...