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Qy7 Bluetooth headphones

This is my third pair.

My first ones were green and ende up breaking at the earpiece because I put it on the bottom of my backpack. I was really happy with them so I got two more.

Just yesterday after a couple of years o lost my black pair. It slid off my shoulder when I wasn't using them in the street and by the time I noticed they were gone.

So today I went to my replacement pair. This time I will be using that clip it comes with. Along all the other ton of accessories it has that I never felt need for. The default plastic piece fits perfectly my ear.

The sealing on the ear is quite good. It even feels like an air vacuum. Not fully isolating but that's better when walking because I want to hear if there's anything I should pay attention to.

Overall quite happy with them. I suppose they're good for music but I use them exclusively for podcasts

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