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The problem with Telemetry

I was just reading through a couple of bugs that removed features or about:config settings that I used and now they're gone.

The argument always being that "most users don't use it" which is backed by Telemetry data.

Telemetry puts all Firefox users together, so us, the Firefox hardcore users that learned to love it by tweaking it to our preference will never be considered for feature decisions, because Telemetry will always play against us.

I'm learning that driving the decisions by clumping all user data together is alienating the diehard users and evangelists because they will not be seen in the statistics.

So, yeah, Firefox does not show that it cares about expert users in making their decisions, which seems like a big oversight from them, maybe because I'm biased, but I think that we're the loud Firefox users that make the "community" that they so much brag about, but they make their decisions on "users without extensions".

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