Jj's web stream

Http2 and SSL enabled

I'm hosting this on Linode running Ubuntu and Nginx and I followed this tutorial at Digital Ocean which was damn simple to go through.

Letsencrypt is making things super easy to get SSL everywhere.

After finishing the setup (15m later) I found that the domain jj.isgeek.net had the "Unsecure" icon on the URL bar. Turns out that some resources (the Stackoverflow widget) were being fetched from HTTP, so I just edited those to use their HTTPS coutnerparts (thankfully available) and I got the green padlock :)

When first installing it I forgot to add both domains to the initial certbot command. I had to use the \--expand argument in the same command to add the extra domain.

Also, note #issuecomment-175963980">this bug about using underscore in subdomains. You won't be able to use Letsencrypt if your subdomain contains an underscore!

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