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Fluxbox 1.0.0

Acaba de llegar el correo a la lista de usuarios de Fluxbox sobre la nueva versión estable final 1.0.0 después de casi seis años de espera!!

Finally a new stable release!

After almost four and a half year with 0.9.x releases we finally got to 1.0.0!

( and six years since 0.1.1 :-) )

Download it here:


(md5sum: 1f389177e17cd1e8dbed07c80812961f )


(md5sum: 990e276ead0d04421dce4080f485caca )

News in 1.0.0:

    * New default style: bloe

    * New styles:

      ostrich zimek_darkblue, zimek_green, zimek_bisque,

      carp, arch, bora_black, bora_blue, bora_green, green_tea, bloe

    * Fixed shape handling, now shaped corners have border.

    * Allow negative numbers in command "Workspace"

    * Added utility fluxbox-remote

      * Allows script access to most fluxbox commands;

        Support must be turned on in the init file with

        session.screen.allowRemoteActions; the syntax is, e.g.,

        fluxbox-remote "CustomMenu ~/.fluxbox/custommenu"

    * Added key commands :AddWorkspace and :RemoveLastWorkspace

    * Added some missing Open Office entries and window managers,

      plus some other minor changes in fluxbox-generate_menu

    * Updated languages:

      sv_SE, zh_CN, de_*, es_ES, es_AR, en_US, en_GB, pt_*

      fi_FI, fr_FR, ru_RU

Bug fixes:

    * #1694959 Rotate toolbar background texture along with toolbar

    * #1712583 Non-latin characters displayed incorrectly in menu title

    * #1708859 Fix error passing --with-locale path in ./configure

    * #1524098 #1633718, System tray restart issue

               ( gaim/pidgin crash on restart )

    * #1748967 Save workspace names when changing through menu

    * #1745678 Fixed resource usage due to Skype 1.4

    * #1736252 Strip off additional bits in event state set by Xorg

    * #1716899 Deiconify when automatically tabbing to a minimized

               window with focus new windows on

    * #1479517 Fix submenu placement with xinerama after moving the

               menu between heads

    * #1716900 Also send transient windows when sending a window to

               another workspace

    * #1717782 Bad fullscreen in ooimpress2

    * #1718112 memory leak in FbWindow::textProperty

    * #1545066 Only replace numbers with zeros when calculating clock


    * #1652185 Fix window menu context when opened by clicking on tab

    * Workspace Menu wasn't updating when windows changed titles

    * HideMenus didn't work on CustomMenus, and also fixed a memleak with


    * Fix to avoid rogue instances of /bin/sh after forking away programs

    * Fixed some rendering problems when toolbar item borderwidth is

      too large and toolbar bevelwidth is set

    * Right clicking on a submenu didn't revert focus to its parent

    * Pressing escape in a torn menu didn't work

    * Updates for compiling with gcc 4.3

    * Fixed compile error with --disable-remember

    * Fix transient windows getting tabbed from apps file and not

      changing layers when main window is in a lowered tab

    * Fixed some window placement issues

    * Fixed bug with fluxbox-generate_menu -is

    * Fixed infinite loop caused by deiconify command

    * Fixed a bug in parsing cli

    * Fix slit.onhead with BOTTOMLEFT placement

    * Fixed crash when CustomMenu command doesn't point to a file

See ChangeLog for more details.

We will soon put a new webpage online, so stay tuned.

The Fluxbox Team


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