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Pownce invitations

So I've got 6 Pownce invitations to give away. I am willing to send them to anyone who comments on this post and does these 3 things:

  • Puts their email in rot-13

  • Adds a link to their picture displaying sexy underwear being worn that I can confirm it's theirs and not just some random picture from the Internets.

  • Say how cool I am

OR, you could also try InviteShare :) .

Personally, Pownce isn't all that hot as it's cracked up to be.


lau: ia, io kero :) no tengo la foto pero si me caes bien :D Y bueno, ¿cuánto? mmm .. pues hace un año me caías mejor :P

koki: Se agradece

breno: Aunque por el momento sigo usando twitter porque todos están ahí :P , bueno, "usando".

Jj: uhm... no pues, son 3 condiciones... no es tan dificil

rogelio: No le veo grandes maravillas al Pownce. Ya lo sabes, no importa cuantas features tenga el aplicativo, el popular es el que sobrevive.