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So long Gaim, Welcome Pidgin

I am shocked, Gaim is no more. :shock:

Due to conflicts with the name Gtk+Aol Instant Messanging(Gaim for short) and AOL Instant messaging, the team finally decided to change the name because now the project is far beyond plain AOL IM. Now the project is called PIDGIN.

After Wikipedia, Pidgin stands for the name of a new language created for the comunicacion of two speakers of different languages, which... makes sense :roll: for a multiprotocol IM client in a way

Now the official website is http://pidgin.im/. The old Gaim client, is now Pidgin, the old libgaim is now libpurple and the not-so-popular-yet gaim-text is not Finch. So Gaim, is no more to be pronounced :P

How does it affect users? it will only be a name confusion for.... probably about 6 months, package repository aliases (thats not a user conflict actually).

So Pidgin is the new Gaim, and its parts have new names, which is good. Lets embrace pidgin and keep supporting the project :D

Yes, the Logo will eventually change