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Django blues - edit_inline & ImageField

I'm still new to Django, but after doing some basic work I find myself in a situation, I asked on the IRC channel and I got advice but apparently I'm stuck:

< Magus-> Jj: don&#39;t try to do edit_inline with a model that has ImageFields

edit_inline and ImageField don't work (SVN Revision 4932) when you have a one to many relationship, you have to save your OneObject and then save individually each ManyObject(which has an ImageField in it) associating it with the OneObject you want :roll: . What's funny is that if later you need to edit you OneObject and save it, all your ManyObjects associated with it will be deleted ... for free :shock:

Please, someone tell me I'm missing something before I start messing around with my admin code :P !

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