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I do not intend to talk about how to behave when commenting on a post. This is not about that. This is about how comments themselves behave on the Internet, they seem to get lost.

I am running into this situation more and more, as I get comments, or as I make them on other blogs.

Sometimes I get questions asked on post comments, and I answer with another comment, but I never know if that the person did come back to check for my reply. The same happens when I run into an interesting post somewhere which may not be very recent, I may have a comment or question, but it never gets answered.

  • Use of pingbacks/trackbacks, and post comments as blog posts if we are expecting for an answer, but it can clutter up quickly.

  • Use a special category for those blog|comment posts.

  • Suscribing to comment feeds, but then I get too much information that I may not care about, and the reply I'm expecting might never arrive :?

I guess comments are what their name says, "comments", and are not prepared to become "conversation" :roll: . Any ideas?


#14042" title="2007-04-25 13:58:15">Marcel V: But to be honest, I only comment on blogs/forums that I visit often, so that means that I really don't miss comments of other visitors, except when they comment on an issue of a long time ago.

#14047" title="2007-04-25 17:50:34">soulse: A mi si me pasa y a veces "pierdo" respuestas que si me hubiera gustado haber leido en algunos blogs.

#14050" title="2007-04-25 20:05:56">Jj: What I do to keep track of my comments, I suscribed to my own comment feed and read them on Google Reader, But i can't just suscribe to all the blogs I comment on :(...

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