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Pho image viewerThe other day I ran into this image viewing program. I normally use Feh for this purpose. But Pho has an excelent feature when dealing with a bunch of unprepared pictures.

While watching a bunch of pictures you just downloaded from you camera, you can quickly rotate or flip them with Pho, when you're done, you'll get this output:

Rotate 90 (CW): 133-3383_IMG.JPG 134-3497_IMG.JPG 135-3540_IMG.JPG 137-3779_IMG.JPG

Rotate -90 (CCW): 134-3493_IMG.JPG 134-3494_IMG.JPG 134-3495_IMG.JPG 134-3496_IMG.JPG

Rotate 180: 137-3772_IMG.JPG

Wich can be used to mogrify your pictures :)

Yes, I know feh can manipulate images too, but I really like this output :P