Jj's web stream

Jj needs...

Search for "$YOUR_NAME needs" in Google and see what you need :)

  • JJ Needs a Paternity Test.

  • JJ needs to stick close enough to him so that he doesn’t get a shot off without a hand in his face.

  • Jj needs.... Wohoo!! Recursion!!!

  • JJ Needs to Go Now

  • JJ needs to look in the mirror prior to making statements

  • JJ needs more playing time

  • JJ needs to hire a young coach

  • JJ needs a class inreality

  • JJ needs some work.

  • JJ needs to be LABOTIMIZED

I also gave it a shot with Google Suggest with "Jj is "

  • Jj is redickulous

  • Jj is ridiculous