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Solve your reading problems! (if they are like mine)

ZapReader, free online readerA couple of days ago, a fellow from Chichaplanet posted about ZapReader, which is an online tool developed to increase your reading speed. As he describes, the usage of the tool is pretty easy, just paste the text or the link of the page you want to read, configure your WPM (Words Per Minute) speed, and it will show word after word in the same place.

With this I've realized that I can understand text pretty well missing some words at 650 WPM in my native language, in english though, I need to lower it down to 500 to get the same result (Some sentences can be complicated to keep track).

You can change the color, cause black on white can burn your sight after a while, change the default speed among other things, here a screencast:

How it helped me

Here my reading issues:

  • I get lost when trying to go to the beginning of the next line, many times I end up at the beginning of the same line, and after a couple of words I realize :?

  • I hate scrolling, page turning, etc...

  • Not having to move your eyes or anything at all can actually be helpful :P

So with ZapReader, I only have to stare :shock: at one spot on my screen and ZapReader will literally shoot the text right into my brain :D!, without me having to do anything, other than look at one fixed point.

ROCK ON!!! \m/


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