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Google spreadsheets

So Google launched its spreadsheets, I managedto getmy invitation and they are pretty sweet. Same as editgrid, irows, numsum and others out there... they are all sweet :P

Cool stuff:

  • It has most of the functions you'd probably need.

  • Ctrl+Key copy, cut, paste, bold, underline, italic.

  • Ctrl + arrow navigation and Ctrl+Shift support to move across written cells.

  • Multiple sheet support

  • Built in colaboration chat!

  • Undo/Redo

Some premature observations:

  • No ODF export/import?! (it should be a matter of time)

  • When inserting a formula "=sum(" you have to click the referenced cell, you can't use the arrow to move to it, cause you are focused inside a textfield so the arrows will move the cursor inside the function name "=su|m(, which sucks."

  • No borders. You canadd background and foreground colorsto your cells, but there are still no borders, which are quite important to differentiate results from data

  • Horrible URLs

  • Slow javascript, I didn't feel so much lag on editgrid

  • Horizontal cell merge, but now vertical merge

  • No graphs :P