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Fluxbox 1.0RC1

Ayer, el equipo de Fluxbox liberó el primer release candidate de la versión 1.0!!!

Este fue el glorioso mail enviado a la lista de usuarios:

Fluxbox version 1.0rc!

Get it here:


(md5sum: 2575d0b605bcacc406c5b8f89fb0d3c5 )


(md5sum: e0d3e8b41261fc9b03ac75c014051806 )

News in 1.0rc:

   * External tabs are back.

      - option in Configure menu to enable/disable

        No restart required.

   * Added support for following atoms:


       _NET_WM_STATE_DEMANDS_ATTENTION (flashing titlebar/iconbar)






      For a complete list of supported net wm atoms

      go to: http://www.fluxbox.org/docs/ewmh-support.html

   * Added new commands:

     * ToggleCmd

       Works like a macro but executes the commands one at the time in order.


       Mod1 T :ToggleCmd {Exec xterm} {NextWindow}

       When Mod1 T is press the first time it will start xterm, the second

       time it will do NextWindow. When it reaches end it will start at the


     * CloseAllWindows

       Closes all windows.

   * Supports urgency hint ( flashing titlebar/iconbar )

   * Pressing shift while pressing enter in menu item will fake a right mouse

     button press. Useful for increase/decrease values in menu.

   * Updated documentation

   * Flashing titlebar/iconbar when the window demands attention with urgency


     The blink rate can be configured with the following resource:

     session.screen0.demandsAttentionTimeout: <timeout in milliseconds>

     Default value is 500.

     If the value is zero this feature will be disabled.

   * Better UTF-8 handling

   * fbrun: Move the cursor to the end when tab completing

     (rfe #1333003, patch #1475578)

   * Added option to reverse desktop wheeling (patch #1034287)

     session.screen0.reversewheeling: true|false

   * Vertical toolbar is back.

   * Provide "Key Modes"

     - New action in keys file:

         Modifier Key :KeyMode &lname> <end Modifier> </end><end Key>

       Will define a key binding namespace activated by the given mod/key

       combination. The End Modifier and key are optional. They define

       the key combination that quits the given key mode. They default

       to just 'Escape'.

     - New keys file optional prefix:

         <name>: Modifier Key :Command

       will only work when the </name><name> keymode is activated.

     - </name><name> is  "default" if not specified - so:

        **default commands will not be activated inside another keymode**

     - Handy Example:

        Mod1 X :KeyMode XNest

        XNest: Mod1 X :KeyMode default

       Will switch to XNest keymode when you press Alt-X. Then the

       default bindings will not be caught by normal fluxbox, and will

       pass through to an Xnested one! Groovy... Alt-X will switch back

       to normal.

Bug fixes:

   * #1475268(patch) Fix occasional highlighting of menu nops+separators

   * #1474722(patch) Focus singular windows on a workspace

   * #1499402 Fix building on machines without iconv

   * #1113668 Fix workspace menu corruption when window title changes

   * #1359442 Fix system tray resize looping/livelock

   * #1467871 Fix type of last_release_time, affected double click functions

     on 64-bit platforms

   * #1454204 Fix compile error in Theme.cc

   * Fixed resize box bug, it had wrong size in some cases.

   * Fixed bug with horizontal maximization when quadrant resizing

   * Fixed transparency on multiple screens & possibly bad root bg atom


   * Fixed memory leaks & other errors in Menu code

   * Fixed crash when toolbar disabled

   * Fix build on amd64

   * Fixed crash when deiconify stuck windows with Follow mode

   * Fixed apps filename on save

   * Fix to slit transparency

   * Fix resizing of client window when autogroup from apps

See ChangeLog for more details.

Before next release we need people to help us with translation.

We also need people to report bugs and other issues with the changed setup.

Do not forget to include language setting, OS and distribution in the report.


The Fluxbox Team

Asi que consíguelo AHORA!


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