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Flash around us

Lately, the use of Flash has been getting pretty decent, there are now quite a few web applications out there, making great use of the technology, opposed to what many people has been used to/unaware of all this time.

The thing is that Flash being a propietary piece of technology, makes everybody depend on what macromedia feels like, and macromedia feels like not releasing a linux version of the latest flash version, or decides that flash player can only be used uncer a small list of specified OSs.

So what about the rest (~5% ?) of the desktop users out there using BSDs, Symphony, Silable, god-knows-what?

So far I've found that Vimeo, and Gtalkr, as well as many fresh sites out there are blindly using flash 8. I guess the lucky ones in the permited list, should wait until release 8.5 comes out when Macromedia has some spare time :roll:

I know there is Gnash..., the idea is awesome, but so far doesn't solve the issue :?


Jakob: Vimeo.com