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How to chase a girl

Give her a head start and then RUN after her

Just make sure you will be able to catch her.

Running away

Actually, that was last week in Trujillo, during "San José" celebration. I should post about that.


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Lover Boy: if you are a teenage you can wear like a gangster(I Would Higly Say Yes To This) don't ever say bad word such f**k in front a girl she would hate you FOR SURE!!! Dating but remember your studing because that is your future!!!

Lover Boy: You are Ugly??Not Handsome??Don't ever GIVE UP because there always a change!!!Talk to the girl ask her out always offer help to her this will increase you percent to 40-60.

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Donovan Jolota Mansah:

Donovan Jolota Mansah: i will follow your instruction....