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So these are my firefox extensions

Since everybody is doing it, I'll post the list of firefox extensions that I use.

Firefox screenshot Firefox extensions

  • **Compact Menu**: This one gets rid of all the menus on the menubar leaving lots of room for the address bar :)

  • **ImgLikeOpera**: Now I can browse with no images, only loading them when I want to and saving ram! :D

  • **Tab Mix Plus**: It has lots of tab options and comes with a session saver built in with crash recovery functions!

  • **Flashblock**: Who wants to see flash

  • **NoScript**: This helps with some websites that have too much useless javascript in them when all you want is to read them

  • **del.icio.us post**: IMO This one is better than del.icio.us official extension, because it doesn't open a popup window to post the link

  • **adblock Plus**: Read only what you want to read and nothing else!

  • **Gmail Manager**: Cool for managing many gmail accounts

  • **Web Developer**: a MUST have for every web developer

  • **All in one Mouse Gestures**: Using this there is no need for a toolbar, and now that the address bar is in the menubar I can turn the toolbar off

Well, besides the Dom Inspector these are the extensions I HAVE to have :)