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Gtalk dilema!

Google talk now logs your Gtalk conversations to your Gmail account!, Which is awesome, IF you use your @gmail.com account to enjoy the Jabber IM network :?

I wonder if they did implement JEP-0136 to do this. I always longed for this feature which was the main reason I used centericq + screen to chat so I managed to keep all my logs centralized.

My dilema relies in the fact that now I am using a @jabber.org JID to enjoy the jabber IM network, I do this because I prefer not to have my email address laying around my contact's contact's Lists (heh, contact's contact's) by the time Jabber becomes T3h Sh33t and I find louse PC users sending unknownigly spam to all @gmail.com users :?

What to do? What to do?... wait for jabber.org to implement their on JEP I guess :roll: .