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Google maps Wish

The last couple of days I've been sending directions in in Lima using Google maps, for that I needed to take a screenshot of the current view and then gimp the image to add the places, and routes to take.

I can manage to do this, but I can't ask other people to do it, specially people who won't meddle with the computer, or don't know how to use a drawing program, take screenshots, or just doesn't have the patience/time to do it. So these are my wishes at the moment:

  • I wish there was the ability to at least plot points, using the same markers they use for search results.

This would probable make the uri twice as long for the extra coordinates of it but given their actual length It won't matter since they are always used in a copy/paste manner (You can always use Tinyurl.com).

  • Also, it would be useful if you could draw lines to depict a route or path to follow. Now, I don't think it is a good idea to keep all this information in a URI. But you could save these "maps" in your Google account, and make them public. So you only have to give away the uri for the saved map :)