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Computer meme

I found this meme on some livejournal.

Stuff about my computer :)

You.... and your computer.

What brand of computer do you have?: None

What color is the monitor?: Beige - Black

What is currently on your desktop background?: Black

How many icons are on your desktop?: 0

What type of computer do you have? (eg- Windows, Linux, Mac):: Gentoo/Linux

Do you have a printer?: not in this computer

A scanner?: not in this computer

A digital camera?: yes

A webcam?: yes

A microphone?: yes

What is your favorite computer game?: Need For Speed 4

Do you have "Afterdark Games"?: no

What is currently in your Recycle bin?: recycle bin?

What internet service do you have?: ADSL

How often are you on the internet?: when I'm awake

What is your favorite website?: Google

Do you like to go in chat rooms?: only IRC

Conferences?: IRC channels

Which is better, Yahoo or MSN?: Jabber

Do you have AOL?: yes

Or AIM? (if so) What version?: I use Gaim

What is your current buddy icon?: none

How many people are on your buddy list?: AIM? hundreds but I don't talk to many of them anymore

Do you know how to switch the hard drive and CD drive wires around?: yes

Do you know how to fix a computer when it breaks?: yes

Ever taken one apart?: yes

What is your current screen saver?: xscreensaver

When does your screen saver come on? (Eg- every 10 minutes, 15 minutes...): whatever is xscreensaver's default

Is your volume currently turned up?: yes

How many push-able buttons are on your computer in all?: 3?

How many CDs for your computer do you have?: many

Do you have Win Zip?: no

Do you have Internet Explorer?: Firefox

Do you have Microsoft Word?: Openoffice writer

Do you have Paint Shop Pro 8?: Gimp

Can you make graphics on the computer?: yes

Do you have your own webpage?: yes

Do you know HTML?: yes

How about CSS?: yes

Do you know Javascript?: yes

How many webpages have you made?: many

Have you ever been warned through an IM?: no

Do you often get kicked offline for no reason?: no

Have you ever been kicked offline for talking over and over again quickly?: no

About how many e-mails do you get each day?: about 3 that are FOR me

Do you get pop-ups?: no

Have you downloaded spyware?: no

Has anybody ever hacked into one of your online accounts?: no

How many computers are in your house?: 5

Do you have one in your room?: yes

What color is your computer desk?: wooden

What color is your computer chair?: black

What color are the speakers?: black

Do you have any stcikers or have you drawn pictures on your computer?: yes

Do you know the dimensions of your screen?: 17" (1280x1024) - 19" (1600x1200)

Are you a computer nerd/geek?: I've been told so

How much do you know about computers?: more than the average person

What color is your mouse?: silver with black rubber

Does it have a ball at the bottom of it, or a red light?: Its optical

What color is the keybaord?: beige

What is your favorite key on the keyboard?: Tab

Do you type fast?: faster than I can write or talk

How many pieces of paper are in your printer? (if you have one): 0

Does your mouse have a little scrolling wheel between the 2 clicker things?: yes

Are there a trillion wires behind the computer?: yes

Is your computer new or old?: over 3 years

Is it really fast or slow?: It's fast enough

How many hours are you on the computer each day?: 24 - ${TIME_IM_SLEEPING}

Do you shut it down at night, and when you go out?: no

Does it freeze a lot?: no

What does your cursor look like?: black arrow

Is there any music playing in your computer right now?: Yellowcard - Miles Apart

How often do you download/install things to your computer?: almost every other day, mostly uggrades

What do you call your computer? (Eg- Puter, Compooper, Comp...): Computer/freya

Would you marry your computer?: not yet

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