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Mozilla about:what?

Your mozilla about picture ;). You won't be able to enjoy this cool trick with a not Mozilla browser

Last night I was talking with tabo about Firefox, and he asked me what other options were there for the "about:..." pages.

The ones I knew were:

To look for them I went to Mozilla's Cross reference and searched for the string "about:"

I found interesting results in [msNetModule.cpp](http://lxr.mozilla.org/aviary101branch/source/netwerk/build/nsNetModule.cpp#964)

For some reason the ones with the *, just showed blank pages when I typed them in the address bar :?

And then, accidentally found:

I figured it was a protocol so I googled for it, and found this page in the Mozillazine!!

The coolest one ever definitely has to be about:kitchensink, to bad it had to be removed :(


Teresa Escribens: contestame.

Teresa Escribens: Si es si contestame y dame alguna luz ¡¡