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Google maps mistakes

Google maps is an amazing application. I love it, and I love to wander around in it :)

Yesterday looking at my house with the new pictures, I saw that there are overlapping pictures 2 blocks away from my place!, this shows the duplicate streets:

Google maps error

I also noticed this going on with some pictures, its more visible in buildings (I am not sure if in this particular pair of buildings is happening what I want to describe, but it looks like it :P)

Weird buildings

In the picture 2 buildings are shown, whose pictures were taken from different perspectives. This is (almost) what happens:


There are two pictures taken, from point "A", and later another picture is taken from point "B". The buildings show their projections in the picture as shown in the diagram. This is why they look as if they were leaning against each other.

At least that is what I think the reason is. If I'm wrong, please correct me :)


E666: De los pocos kidz0rs que me causa admiracion ^_^

David T. Hunter: You may be correct, however, I think the photos are shot from the same satellite, just on different dates. Still a very cool application however!

cerise: Cerise Trala

Jj: http://www.seroundtable.com/archives/012529.html

Heather: the directions to 30 State Avenue, Carlisle, PA 17013 are not right.

Heather: The directions to 30 State Avenue, Carlisle, PA 17013 are still wrong.