1. My sister pointed me to what may be the best #burger in the city. The black burger has a combination of soft black bread, #kimchi, #cheddar, and gloriousness that made it to the top 5. I hadn't checked up my burgers list in a while. Does it look like the …

  2. In continuation of our commitment to reduce fragmentation of the web for all developers, and to create better web compatibility for our customers, we plan to support the Declarative Net Request API and other changes proposed as part of

    https://blogs.windows.com/msedgedev/2020/10/14/extension-... On Microsoft Edge Blog

    Of course this was going to happen. Now that @Microsoft depends on @Google for their web engine. Any change that Google wants to make to the web unilaterallly, Microsoft will have to play along.

  3. One questions I had for @AMPHtml, Do you wish AMP would be on the place it's now by its own merit and not because Google privileged publishers that used it at the beginning, artificially increasing its usage?

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